An Ode to Relaxation and Serenity

Nestled deep in the mountains of Sri Lanka it is a place where you can breathe in the fresh scent of nature. It is not a traditional Sri Lankan experience, it is something beyond that. A true touch of 5* luxury wellness. A place where time stands still, and you can hear the silence which is followed by the sounds of nature, where view inspires as a priceless masterpiece and you have all the time to stare at the horizon… Here each and every detail is carefully chosen, to help you relax your body and mind. 

Holistic design and dwelling spaces draw inspiration from 16th century, non-secular Tampita Vihara-style architecture. These rustic buildings with open spaces allow you to have greater connection to the Earth, you will feel it as you walk to the window to admire the view. Houses mounted on monolithic pillars to achieve a balanced inside-outside feel. Timber-floor platforms and whitewashed wattle-and-daub walls provide the perfect backdrop to feelings of spiritual uplift, as you meditate or simply take in the scenery, the cool Kandy winds brushing over you from all directions. Minimalist luxury allows you to indulge into wellness philosophy where life happens at your own pace.

Sri Lanka is a resplendent island that will tingle your senses to their very tips. It is a land in which wellness resides in the heart of all things. Here the concept of wellness goes beyond the body experience, during this retreat you’ll have a chance to enjoy latest wellness innovations together with the deep-rooted Ayurvedic culture. 

Your wellness journey begins with a Wellness Concierge who will guide you and assist you through your experience. Besides that, a wide variety of activities that include yoga, detoxing and cleansing therapies, fitness programs, meditation, mountain hiking, swimming in natural pools and much more are available during your stay. 

If you desire to treat yourself with beauty and wellness rituals, you are in the perfect place. Property offers Sri Lanka’s largest spa with over 6000 square feet and full hydrotherapy facilities including thermal salt baths, steam room, sauna, special treatment rooms. 

Inspired by the surrounding environment food during the retreat is prepared with a mindful touch. Executive Chef has created specially designed detox, vegetarian or SPA Menus that will detoxify your body, uplift your spirit and support you on your journey. 

Retreats I Love and Egoist Body Studios designed this retreat to indulge in exclusive experiences, personalized to your wishes, which pamper your senses and soul. Join us for this splendour hideaway an ode to relaxation and serenity. 


Nature, Calming, Silence & Exotic
Matt Pilates, Yoga & Wellness
Lina Petraityte
Specially designed detox, vegetarian, SPA Menus
Natural pool, thermal salt baths, steam room, sauna
Mountain hiking, biking, golf
Kandy, Sri Lanka

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