Daily Schedule


Late evening arrival

Sleep long, inhaling fresh pine forest air
11:00 | Petit breakfast
Rest, sauna, swim in the lake
12:00-14:00 | 2 hrs Dynamic Yoga
14:15 | Healthy Yummy Lunch
Relaxation time: Sleep, read, swim, or walk in the forest
17:30 – 19:30| 2 hrs Pilates
20:00 | Candle-lit Dinner
Sauna + late night swim in the lake

10:00 | Breakfast
11:00 – 13:00 | 2 hrs Core Pilates
13:30 | Lunch
Relaxation time: Sunbathe, nap, etc.
17:30 | 2 hrs Dynamic Yoga (focusing on Heart Openings to balance that morning’s core work)
20:00 | Dinner

10:00 | Breakfast
11:00 – 13:00 | 2 hrs Pilates (to lift your bottom)
13:30 | Lunch
Relaxation time: Swim, water bike or take a boat on the lake
17:30 | 2 hrs Dynamic Yoga (focusing on Hip Openings to balance that morning’s core work)
20:00 | Dinner
Sauna + late night swim in the lake

11:00 | Breakfast
12:00 – 14:00 | 2 hrs Dynamic Yoga with relaxation
14:00 | Lunch
Relaxation time, swim, sauna make the most of the last day
19:00 | Departure



4 nights accommodation  

Full board (five days of delicious, fresh, locally grown and sourced products,  vegan cuisine)

14hrs  yoga/pilates classes 

Complimentary use of sauna, hot tub, swimming in the lake

Visits to local town

Free wi-fi




Transfer from/to the airport (75-130 Eur / car / both ways, depending on the Airport)


Other activities / excursions



Playful Carole Hejtmanek & Joana

"Passionate practitioner and teacher of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, I have been fortunate to have studied under many knowlegeable and well loved Vinyasa Flow Yoga teachers such as Shiva Rea, Mercedes Ngoh and Simon Park. Still studying and exploring the world of yoga everyday , my classes are designed with care and intention to promote wellness and strength on all levels - mental, physical and spiritual."

Joana Tireviciute

Joana  teaches  slow  flow  yoga  and  focuses her attention on correct movement with hands on adjustments to excel your yoga  practise. She has been fortunate enough  to  train  with  Shiva  Rea  and  Simon  Park and this has influenced hugely her teaching style and is very evident in her classes.  She gained her 500 Hours Diploma in Yoga Teaching,  VYEET  Melbourne  and  since  then has completed numerous additional trainings including 50 hours Prana Flow Teacher Intensive with Shiva Rea in Kerala  and   pre-natal  and  post-natal  Yoga,  Baby Bliss Melbourne 2013.

Pedantic Lina Petraityte

Being a founder of Egoist Body Studios in London, W1 and coming from finance background Lina understands how to cater for her busy clients and hosts these retreats with real warmth and passion. It's her family's estate and her beautiful mother and arty sister are there to help creating a home atmosthere. Most visitors become friends here and form a long term relationship going forward.

Whilst teaching Lina believes in sustainable bodies lasting longer for you. Quality not quantity is the main principle behind Lina’s fitness philosophy. Being Body Control Pilates qualified pilates instructor and previous professional dancer she will make you sweat and you will find it difficult to laugh the day after. But all done with smile, good music and a little bit of play. 

Additional Options


Swimming, Hot tub, Sauna.

Massage can be arranged


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